"Pharmproject" and strategy "Pharma 2020"

"Pharmproject" and SPCPA

  • «Pharmproject» promotes all its products, cooperate with leading Russian doctors, participate in regional, federal and world conferences.
  • «Pharmproject» actively participates in the implementation of programs for import substitution.
  • We try to increase our assortment in accordance to Population Drug Coverage.
  • We have a great potential for growth and increased capacity to fulfill its mission.
  •      «Pharmproject» is a scientific and practical base for students of the St. Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy.
  •      Each year more than 100 students have practical work in «Pharmproject» and write theses 
  •      Graduate students of the platform of Production Technology of Medicine (PTM) are making scientific researches.
  •      In 2012 started the instructional course “Gradus Arte” for students of PTM platform.